Is normal for us to adapt to different things, to saying or expressing in different ways. And is also true that there are many of them which we simply use or say but we dont know or comprehend the meaning, the origin or the way it came to be what it is today.

I want to shortly talk about the origin of christmas. A well known celebration for some people. Many of them relate christmas exclusively to the catholic or christian religion whilst others relate it to previous pagan nordic traditions, and both are quite true.

Part of the story of christmas relates to the arrival of jesus in the night of the 24th december as the catholic church celebrates although theres no actual date written or given in the bible itself

But what is also true is that christmas comes also frome the pagan germanic celebration “yule” which is celebrated the night of the 21st december each year. The solstice of winter brings the longest night of the year. Which represented the darkness and the rising sun represented the triunph of good over evil. Also this brought an archaic version of what we jnow as Santa Claus “Joulupukki”.



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