When talking about Identity we often find ourselves trapped in confusion and doubt about Where is this thing supposed to be? What is it? Does it remain always the same? and much more questions…

I would like to give a very small and quick insight to these following terms, A.Identity.

B. Culture.

C. Cultural identity.

I’ve always struggled when trying to explain what identity is, everybody does, and that’s absolutely normal! Identity relies on the fact of individuality and self recognission of being us! In short, Identity is what makes you YOU.

Culture is for me a group of achievements, knowledge, arts and influences in a collective manner.

The cultural identity is what makes those achievements different from others and what makes it what it is.

The two conferences where totally different and really similar at the same time. they both talked about culture and globalization. But one was about how culture and a rising globalized world is continuously arising, and how this process may help to equal opportunities in a future. On the other hand the second conference talked about how culture is a part of identity even outside its natural boundaries, and how identity and culture differs and complement each other in other places.



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